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I Give It A Year
Image of two mismatched silver rings on a year calendar

The Hobbit - Review
Ink drawing on parchment of the Lonely Mountain with a compass on the top left.

Hope Springs Review
Photo of a fountain.

More Sunsets
Sunset over the Thames and Canary Wharf. Click to go to Sunsets and Dawns Gallery for new pictures

The Sapphires Review
Photo of a green toy army truck on a boomerange resting on the strings of a guitar.

Review: The Wedding Video
Image of Image of three empty wine glasses on a white table cloth with place fanme with purpe bow, all in pinkish light.

Olympic Torch in Finchley
Danuta Ryland carrying the Olympic Torch through Finchley, London 2012.

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UK Registering Your Car, Vaping Virgin, Alpine Summer Virgin, Contemporary Camping Virgin, Canal Virgin, Blue Badge

Image of the left-hand end of a registration plate showing the letters GB within the European Union ring of stars, yellow on a blue background

How to UK Register Your Car

by Chartreuse Green 06/3/2014 19.39

Do you have an attachment to your non UK car; all the associations with your travels, outings, friends and adventures on foreign soil? With some patience, form-filling and a certain financial outlay, you can register your car in the UK and this article explains how...

Kanger Evod e-cigarette next to a glass ashtray balanced on its side on a wooden surface

Vaping Virgin

by Chartreuse Green 01/12/2013 13.45

I didnít intend on that day to leave cigarettes behind me.

Back in 2006, I had the distinction of being the only person in my Quit Smoking Group who gave up on a permanent basis. Six years later...

Aerial view of a green and black Vango Beta 450xl tent

Contemporary Camping Virgin

by Chartreuse Green 23/9/2013 15.39

As for many Brits of my demographic, the 'c' word was coloured, or rather washed out, by early memories of cold, damp and other forms of discomfort.

I became a convert over the months of a developing...

Photo of a row of moored canal boats on the Ashby Canal

Canal Virgin

by Chartreuse Green 1/8/2013 15.39

For months I'd heard tales of, seen photos of, and even had a phone call from, 'Dave's Boat'í, a sort of party-float, narrow boat of somewhat battered demeanour where alcohol flows as generously as the Ashby canal and rollicking cheer is the default setting. Whilst staying with friends a walk away from the good ship, word went up that...

Back and white image of a black top hat disappearing from the crown

Blue Badge - You Have To Want It

by Chartreuse Green 1/8/2013 15.39

With a Blue Badge up for renewal, I received a letter I should have acted on immediately. Issued by the local council it enables the posessor to park in disabled bays and on yellow lines for certain times in certain conditions. Step one: apply on line.

After four attempts during which pages failed to fill in and my session timed out, the text was completed with only a photo upload remaining. I asked my aerial photographer significant other to take a suitably flattering portrait pic but the ideal moment with blow-dried hair and makeup failed ...

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Red petunia in rising sunlight

The Virgin Articles
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Django Review
Image of the letter D embossed on tan leather spattered with blood across the lower half

Life of Pi Review
Image of the symbol pi in a circle drawn in white sand on blue water.

Frankenweenie Review
Image of the word 'Frankenweenie' in a horror font in white on a black background.

Great Expectations Review
Image of water next to a muddy gritty shore with the words in white italic script: Great Expectations.

Bells and Kathak
Image of three dancers in red costumes holding a large bunch of white balloons

New Cranes Gallery
Three white cranes on the Shard

Ice Age 4 Review
Chalk drawing of Scrat with a nut.

Review of Brave
Image of Vue cinema internal glass door with red-haired triplet appearing to peep around it, an a poster of Brave in the background showing Merida.