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by Chartreuse 12/5/2011 15.27

This is a refreshingly modern slant on Rapunzel. The princess rescues herself from an abusive home life as the villainess, Mother Gothel, uses fear and intimidation to keep the abducted princess captive in a tower while she uses the girl's magical hair to maintain her youth.

Rapunzel is very much her own hero. She educates and arms herself even within the confines of her tower. The love interest, Flynn, needs more rescuing than she does. With sidekick chameleon, Pascal, and Max the horse, Flower, as she is called by her captor, sets out on the night she turns eighteen for the source of magical lights in the sky her grieving royal parents have released as a signal flare on each of her birthdays.

Satisfying 3D animation highlights a joyous dance scene and romantic lanterns hovering apparently a foot from my specs so that only reluctance to embarrass my movie buddies that prevented me from reaching out for one. The only weakness was Menken and Slaterís collection of forgettable songs which made my partner cringe.

Those accustomed to the reliable hero who vanquishes all opposition and rescues the blushing violet may feel sufficiently discomforted to write this off as a chicklet-flick. Flower is a rose with a thorn in the shape of a frying-pan.

Having been in the audience when Tangled played to a packed Saturday afternoon house at the BFI IMAX, I know that the DVD will not disappoint; charming, funny and action-packed, evil is punished and virtue rewarded. Fairy-story telling at it's best. Watch Tangled and, unlike Rapunzelís hair, you wont be let down.

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