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Bruno - Fantastische Funkyzeit or OTT und Offensive

Posted by Chartreuse Date 2009/7/21

Providing Writing Editorial and Photographic Services Blog Review of Bruno The Movie

Bruno - Fantastisch Funkyzeit or OTT und Offensive
by Chartreuse 2009/5/21 13:28

Vassup? An LOL movie enjoyed by an Orange Wednesday afternoon crowd characterised no doubt by their sad lack of refinement. Bruno can be called tasteless, over-the-top, crossing the line, out of order and offensive (vassever) or a joyous, romping, hilarious, fall-and-rise tale of love and fame with a happy ending.

Hard to imagine the cleaned-up version with the swingers party, the terrorist interview and the full-frontal nudity, which I understand have been excised, especially as my 18-year-old movie buddy cited Bruno's catering suggestion at the party as a highlight. I would say in its defence against conservative critics that it can be argued that there is nothing offensive in Bruno that should not be offensive: homophobia, intolerance, narrow-mindedness and exploitation.

We found Bruno far more engaging and entertaining than Sacha Baron Cohen's incarnation as Borat (vich voz zooo tu souzand und zikz) and as an outrageous comedy we couldn’t fault it. It kept our attention throughout the run-time and the finishing line was in the right place in the narrative terrain. It'll either be your thing or it won't but if it is you'll enjoy it all the more in the company of a laughing cinema audience.

PS The poster has him standing, teasingly clad, in what appears to be a field of rape (or oil seed plants, if you prefer). For this courageous comment on the fashion industry, if not for a hugely diverting 83 minutes, Bruno deserves at least one thumb up.

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