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Bride''s Balloon Party

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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Warms Cinema Seats

Posted by Admin Date 2012/8/9

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Warms Cinema Seats

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Warms Cinema Seats
by Chartreuse 9/8/2012 18.38

Chalk drawing of Scrat with a nut. 'A mammoth, two sabres and a sloth. Sounds like the start of a joke,' comments new piratical love interest for Diego.

Land mass movements send the three amigos, Mammoth Manny, sabre tooth tiger Diego and Sloth Sid, off on an iceberg with a mission to try and get back to save Manny's mate and rebel teen daughter before mobile granite cliffs push family and friends into the sea. Along their quest they are both helped and hampered by a scruvy crew and a savvy senior citizen.

In its fourth round Ace Age still has surprising moments. Watch Ice Age 4 to learn:

      • the cause of continental division
      • about an ancient civilisation and what ended it
      • the identity of 'Precious'.
Yes, it's more of the same because the usual three characters appear but this is also true of Harry Potter, Bond and Spiderman and we think none the worse of them for that. Peril, chases, narrow escapes and heroic rescues abound in a world of loving families (except Sid's), loyal friends and suprising allies.

In an unexpected private screening, my movie buddy and I with a large carton of salted popcorn had Screen 3 of the local multiplex all to ourselves. I got half a dozen 'laugh out loud's and was amused and engaged throughout the 92 minutes of runtime. My companion gave it a thumbs up but as an Ice Age first-timer would have enjoyed it with greater familiarity with the characters.

Shira the pirate sabre is voiced by JLo and Trekkie fans should listen out for the dulcet tones of Patrick Stewart as a philospher.

With lukewarm critical appraisals Ice Age 4 nevertheless was popular with audiences still addicted to the adorably hapless rodent, Scrat, and earned, in its first weekend, £10.09 million here in the UK and $46 million across The Pond. Look elsewhere for depth of character, subtlety of plot and complex dialogue but Ice Age 4 it fulfils its brief as light comic entertainment and not surprisingly that is what thousands of cinema goers want for a tenner and an hour and a half of their time. I felt mine were well spent.

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