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The Ritz with Signposts

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Ice Age 3: Cool but Slow to Warm Up

Posted by Chartreuse Date 2009/7/1

Blog: Ice Age 3: Cool but Slow to Warm Up

Ice Age 3: Cool but Slow to Warm Up
by Chartreuse 2009/7/1 20:45

Patience with a tediously slow domestic beginning addressing the issues surrounding the impending arrival of offspring is rewarded once the Land of the Dinosaurs (where they are dusking rather than dawning) is reached. Narrow escapes, a ripping aerial battle, an epic encounter with a superdino and the birth of an ubercute mamothling during which a fresh raptor appears with every contraction are tackled with the aid of an apparently Jack Sparrow-inspired weasel.

Meanwhile Scrat discovers romance and acorns don't mix in a heady encounter from which the female emerges unmistakeably deadlier than the male. Guess who wins the custody battle over the acorn.

As for audience reaction, it kept the interest of the 3 year old to our right and my late teenage movie buddy and I in the back row (not what you think) and the older group down at the front. My friend awarded it 9.5/10 and I gave it 8.5 because of the leisurely opening. Between us 18/20 for innovation, humour and excitement. Well worth experiencing on the big screen and a refreshing refuge from the summer heat.

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