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Tax Disc Renewal Online - in Just 3 Days!

Posted by Admin Date 2011/3/17


Renew your tax disc online - in just 3 days!
by Chartreuse 17/3/2011 12.07

The tax disc renewal arrived and as my partner was struggling under an outsize workload I foolishly offered to do the deed online. Surely the matter of a few minutes, a couple of dozen keystrokes, a handful of mouse-clicks and the annual job would be done.

I went to direct.gov.uk. where the republican road to tax disc renewal is clearly signposted. Apply for a tax disc NOW! it bids you excitedly. Click. Next page and you are invited to type in 'Your reference number' as printed in large numerals on your reminder. Click. Your car details come up. Click.

Sorry. Page Timed Out.

I retry and eventually get as far being told we do not have insurance. Ohhh yes we doo! I phone the DVLC and work my way through menus until a kindly lady addresses my problem and agrees I do have valid insurance since I am reading to her from our policy. She advises me to look at a website called askmid.com. This is the database from which the DVLC draws its insurance wisdom. Should askmid answer that we have no insurance I will need to phone our broker and ask him to make sure askmid is advised of our status.

Upon application askmid says, no. It thinks we don't have insurance. I phone our insurance broker. He'll be right on it! He calls back. Job done.

Eagerly I return to the DVLC. If your insurance details have been updated you will need to wait 24 hours before applying, it taunts me with evil glee. Gotcha. Sigh.

This morning I return to direct.gov. I apply NOW!

Sorry. Page Timed Out.

I lower my anti-virus shields, arm keyboard and stealth up on it from another route: direct.gov.uk/en/motoring.

I’m in! I put in my reference number. Click. Ka-ching! I confirm my car details. Ka-ching! I add an email for renewal confirmation. Ka-ching! Success, our disc is wending its triumphant way to us.

Do I have customer feedback? Coming your way. I click the buttons about my experience today. Would I like to add more? Soooo much more. I get a nice little box in which I type my tale adding that yesterday I renewed another tax disc at the Post Office which took me less than the three days it had taken to perform a renewal online and made a polite request for them to improve the reliability of their online service. There. Done. Click….

Sorry. Page Timed Out.

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